Alteration Pricing 2024

Pricing shown on this page is meant as a guideline and does not guarantee a final price for your project. All pricing is based around an hourly rate and the average amount of time it takes to complete a certain alteration. Some projects will have to be quoted individually if they are more complex than normal.

FITTINGS: All fittings have a small flat fee to account for my time. Bridal fittings are $50, and you only pay for the first one. All other fittings are $20.

Fitting fees are the same regardless of how long the fitting takes.

Fitting fees must be paid at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable.

VISIBLE MENDING: Priced per project. These are always quoted on the unique situation of every project.

Skirt Hems
- $50 per layer ($60 for lace/beaded layers)
Slimming (Taking In) - $75-$100
Letting Out - $75-$100
Bustles - $10-$15 per bustle point
Add Corset Closure - $150-$200
Raise / Lower Shoulders - $40-$80

Skirt Hems - $30 per layer
Slimming (Taking In) - $40-$80
Letting Out - $40-$80
Raise / Lower Shoulders - $20-$80

Brides: bring your bridesmaids and everyone (even you!) will get 15% off their alterations!

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