Sewing Services

Clothing Alterations

Bridal, cosplay, ready-to-wear, or any other alteration need you may have. We specialize in creative refashioning of garments, so no alteration is impossible.

Custom Sewing Projects

One-off sewing projects that fit a very specific event or purpose. Custom made clothing, costumes, knitted/crochet items, repurposing, and custom home textiles are just some examples of custom projects we take on.

Visible Mending

Repairing clothing and other textile products with visible mending techniques. This is done in an artistic way that plays off the visual elements of the rest of the piece. Embroidery, patches, decorative stitching, grafting, and reweaving are some of the techniques used to breathe life back into worn textiles.

Labeling Services

We can add tags, labels, and branded patches to your finished products. Tags, labels, or patches must be provided with product.
We can also help with creating and laying out tags and patches for your brand. Contact us if you need graphic design help.


How Much Does it Cost?

Visit my pricing page to get an idea of how much your project will cost.